Q2 2005 Conference Call Executive Summary

OEM Solutions: In negotiations regarding comprehensive licensing agreement of LED widescreen architecture. Very large numbers associated with consumer electronics, gaming, media players. Structure agreement to maximize back end economic potential.

Breakthrough with proprietary method for modulating green laser light source, relates to commercialization of Micro-HUD. Breakthrough technique for scanning green laser light source at video rates. Audi announced they would introduce laser scanning HUD in future car.

Relate good progress in efforts to commercialize EELED platform, working with EELED vendors.

Introduce third consumer platform, the 'Picoprojector'. Approached by mobile device companies about a laser projector that will unlock the potential of mobile devices.

Laser microcamera image quality exceedingly high for this stage of development.

Nomad: Focus on Trucking and Heavy Equipment maintenance applications, higher cost per repair order, greater need for Nomad.

Nine store, secondary deployment of Nomad at Volvo Trucks dealer in TX.

Hunter wheel alignment application for automotive, 25-30% productivity gains, 65,000 Hunter systems in use today.

Major consumer packaged goods company having great success with Nomad for truck maintenance.

Focus on top-down marketing for medical or other equipment manufacturers. Operational leaders are measured on productivity gains, leverage quantitative double-digit benefits of Nomad to market to executives who are incentivized to pursue productivity gains.

Military embracing commercial Nomad for heavy equipment service and repair. Sold Nomads to 3 Regional Readiness Centers of Nat'l Guard.

Expect distribution partnership to be executed soon for automotive space.