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Bosch Automotive Technology: Sales figures

Bosch is the world's largest automotive supplier in terms of sales. Last year, Bosch sold more than 25B euros worth of automotive technology. Today, we have learned that that Bosch and Microvision are engaged in a formal process targeting the mass production and sale of Microvision's MicroHUD technology.

Anyone who has seen the MicroHUD in person will understand this immediately. The MicroHUD is extremely impressive to witness. I believe it will become the defacto standard information display in all vehicles before the end of this decade. It will be hard to imagine that we used to look down, away from the road at mechanical needles or LCD screens in the center console when we needed to access information related to driving a car. Because having that information and instrumentation in a see-through display on the windshield will let drivers focus on what they're doing and where they're going. That has value and will save lives.

Audi has already announced their intention to use Microvision's MicroHUD in future products. Now Bosch is telling the world that they intend to be the supplier that will bring MicroHUD to market and allow it to be purchased in mass-market quantities by OEMs like VW/Audi, BMW and many others.

With the Ethicon and Bosch collaborations poised for mass production over the next year or two, it is becoming easier and easier to forecast the future revenue stream for Microvision and its seemingly inevitable vertical, exponential ascent.

We are working with first-class development partners who are the leaders in their markets. These companies do not waste time on product development projects that they do not believe will meet significant unmet market needs and add value to their shareholders. They do due diligence before committing to long term projects like these.

So as an investor, you can try to out-think the management teams at Johnson & Johnson and Bosch, or give them the credit they deserve as leaders in their fields and acknowledge that they are serious about bringing MVIS-inside products into production.


  1. this should've happened a long time ago, i don't know why they didn't sign on with delphi or possibly even an automotive manufacturer

    anyway, MVIS should have some solid prospects moving forward, but I would caution that the key is what content is gonna be on the displays

    That all takes software and is additional overhead that needs to be developed

  2. The software should not be the problem. The existing software probably work with some tweaks. Or the new software already exists when they signed the contract.

    Now the auto company has a new playing field. It's all about the content. What can the auto company do to make this display becoming a profitable investment for them? If the display becomes more affortable, they can offer the service just like what google does when you search on its website. The display is more than a GPS/Speedometer/Status display. It's possible to make it display the restuarant rating around the area while your driving and let you select one and provide you the direction. This is going to change how we interact with our cars.


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