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Cool Nomad Video

Cool Nomad Video

Any MVIS Blog readers speak (I think) Danish?

Thanks to rbzeke.


  1. Hi Ben,

    It is danish, and it's a broadcast from the largest(public)TV-channel in Denmark from april 19th 2005.
    It's about a conference in Technical School (part of Aalborg University I think) about the future in the auto business in year 2015.
    It features a senior dept.manager from Alborg University and an owner of an auto repair garage.
    Both are very positive towards and excited about the prospects of the new technology and the garage owner thinks paperbased manuals are going to disappear in the future. They also mention the expected productivity gains of 30 %. The owner talks about being able to acquire a Nomad - only there's no sales agent in Denmark and the price would have to be negotiated.
    The university senior says that increase in complexity in many different areas will also increase the need for information at your fingertips.
    There's also some background comments from the journalist saying this tool is going to be as common as any other tool in a repair shop.

    kind regards

    NB. I'm a danish MVIS holder (since 1999).


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