Defense Bill Includes $11.2M for Microvision to Supply 1,599 Nomads to Stryker Brigade

Defense work may go to four area firms

Four local companies are in line to receive a combined $27 million from this year's defense spending bill, which passed the U.S. Senate in a unanimous vote on Friday.

Assuming that all the proposed military projects stay in the bill as it makes its way to the White House, Microvision Inc. of Bothell will benefit more than any other company in the state. The company could receive $11.2 million to provide Stryker Brigade combat teams with Nomad-augmented vision helmets.

At least 100 of the helmets, which display digital battlefield information in front of a vehicle commander's eyes, already have been used by Styker teams in Iraq. The spending bill calls for buying nearly 1,600 more of the helmets.

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Nomad Helmet Mounted Display for Stryker Brigades
Microvision, Bothell
$11.2 million

This funding will provide Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (SBCTs), helmets with a day- and night-readable, see-through, display of battlefield information on their eye-shield. This technology allows the Stryker vehicle commander to scan his immediate terrain and direct the vehicle while maintaining his battlefield situational awareness. Without the HMD, the commander must move inside the vehicle to view to the combat system displays. The funds Murray secured will purchase and field 1,599 Nomad HMDs for the next three Stryker Brigade Combat Teams scheduled to deploy to Iraq: 172d SBCT (Alaska), 2/25 SBCT (Hawaii) and 3/2 SBCT (Washington). The 1st Brigade 25th Infantry Division Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) has conducted early operator evaluations of 110 first- and second-generation Nomad HMD while in Iraq. User feedback has been extremely positive.