MergerMarket Interview with Sumit Sharma

Welcome New Readers

I am delighted by the surge in visits that has corresponded with the massive uptick in volume of MVIS shares traded over the last several sessions. Today's trading volume was over 4 times the average day's worth, and traffic on MVIS Blog has never been higher.

I encourage all new readers to poke around and check out everything that MVIS Blog has to offer. A good jumping off point is MVIS Blog Quick Hits, a collection of essays on why I've put all my money in this company's stock, and some other topics as well.

To put it in a nutshell, I'm here because I want to make tens of millions of dollars over the next several years; I want to participate in a world-changing technological evolution. I write about this because it strikes a chord with me; Microvision's market opportunities are so massive because the target market is every person in the civilized world. The mission as I see it is to deliver market-busting products that augment human capabilities and usher in a new era in personal computing.

Computers will fade into the background of everyday life, shrinking to the point where they are worn like jewelry. In order to convey their value and information content to the wearer, they will need a virtual display that occupies no physical space but delivers a big-screen, see-through image, capable of annotating the world we see with digital information, visible in any kind of ambient light. (Try that on your cell phone's 2" LCD screen on the next sunny day.)

This is the way things look like they are going to me, and Ray Kurzweil, and George Gilder, to name a few. I am here because I want to see the world change and play a part in that happening. For the last year and a half, my role has been to be your correspondent on Microvision, augmented reality and exponentially advancing technology here on MVIS Blog. It is a pleasure to have such a dedicated readership and I appreciate all your feedback immensely.

It looks like the secret of Microvision's incredible technology and truly extraordinary market opportunities is starting to get out. And there sure looks like there is demand for shares out there. It's going to be an exciting ride, so welcome aboard and thanks for reading MVIS Blog.