MergerMarket Interview with Sumit Sharma

Hey Everybody!

Hey gang,

I don't have too much to talk about right now, but I want to say 'thanks for coming by' to everybody. January was the biggest month for traffic in the blog's history, with over 11,000 page views. So thanks for making MVIS Blog part of your daily routine.

Rest assured I'm on the lookout for anything that may be relevant to discussing our favorite company. Haven't turned anything up for the last couple of days, though.

To pass the time, I'm re-reading The Singularity Is Near by Ray Kurzweil. This guy is totally convinced that retinal scanning displays are going to be the default human-computer interface by the end of this decade. I find it comforting when people with that kind of astronomical intellect take the time to tell you that you're on the right path after all.

So, we watch, and we wait. Be sure to check out the archives, maybe there's some stuff you haven't seen yet!


  1. I'm over at Northwestern University, and we're building a solar powered electric vehicle. We were thinking of using a HUD system to feed telemetry data to the driver, but it looks like MicroVison's products are pretty expensive. Do you think MVIS might be willing to sponsor an education/research project like this?


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