Hololens 2 FCC Approval


MVIS Blog strives to be the #1 Independent Resource for MVIS Investors. As it is a new day at Microvision, it's a new day at MVIS Blog.

Each opportunity that the company has is closer than ever to coming to fruition, due to exponential gains in technological progress, recent developments in laser light sources, development of new and improved scanning designs and intellectual property by the company, and a lot of hard work by some of the smartest people in the world, the engineers and scientists who work for MVIS.

And this doesn't mention the developments on the content side -- where it is clearer than ever that all digital media content is moving to internet distribution. Voice over IP, Video over IP, and soon videogaming and immersive virtual worlds over IP. Of particular interest and significance to me and to MVIS is augmented reality over IP.

Transformations in content are probably even more significant than technological progress as they will drive the demand for new types of devices, and are longer lasting in general than particular technologies.

Long time MVIS Blog friend Stu will provide value to MVIS Blog readers by giving some color to particular technological areas and will be providing a series of posts on AR technologies in the days to come. Thanks to Stu for his contributions to MVIS Blog!

To everybody who's worried, I haven't jumped out a window since the Patriots lost. Nothing was going to ruin my mood this weekend, that's for sure. And now we can turn our attention to draft preparation...! Congrats to Denver fans.