A Renewed Vision

My enthusiasm for Microvision has been reinvigorated by the recent management changes. While I'd like to thank the exiting CEO and CFO for their dedication and hard work, I believe it was a time for a change. The company's target goals and objectives were not being met in a cost effective timely fashion. The transition from a strictly research and development effort to a fully blown commercial enterprise is often a difficult one. Sometimes, it takes a new breed of character and organization to lead the way. Alex Tokman's previous achievements at General Electric, as well as his Six Sigma Leadership, brings with him a disciplined Vision, which exemplifies a measure of quality that strives for near perfection. In that light, I will renew my efforts and rejoin Ben in bringing you relevant, enlightening and enriching information about Microvision, its technology and our journey into the world of a New Digital Information Exchange. Enjoy the ride !