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I was totally floored when I saw Jeff Han's Multi-Touch Interaction Research Video that's in the embedded player in the prior post. Then I took a look at Mr. Han's other projects for NYU Media Research Lab.

Sometimes I think about how talented people are and I'm just blown away. There's so much cynicism and negativity in the world (unfortunately well expressed on the Yahoo message board for MVIS) that when I see something like this work by Jeff Han and the rest of the Media Research Lab at NYU, I find it so affirming and refreshing.

The work of building the future goes on, day after day. But so much of it happens away from the spotlight that you really have to go looking for it, to see who's pushing the boundaries, who's bringing the future into focus. In this way, things can seem to come out of nowhere when they've really been baking for quite a while. Kind of like Microvision displays. When the first mass-market applications hit for scanned-beam technology, it will appear to the world at large as an overnight sensation that is sweeping over the world and transforming how people interact with digital information. MVIS longs will know that every design win is the result of years and years of research, diligence, sweat and brainpower.

One of the first things that I thought when I saw this video was, what if a Microvision Picoprojector had a video camera on it as well? It could take a video of whatever it's projecting and then do some of these same types of things, based on recognizing your fingers moving around in the projected image. In this way, your fingers, and the Picoprojector both become a user-input device.

From the video it's clear that letting users involve their hands with the display as an input device opens up entirely new realms in what computers can do and how they operate.

Just want to say 'Cheers' to Jeff Han and all the other brilliant researchers all around the world who are dragging the dreams of science fiction into the world of the near future.


At February 19, 2006 at 9:55 AM Mike said...

Holly Crap! This is truly disruptive stuff!!

Data manipulation at this level boggles the mind and sets the bar at astronomical heights.


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