Been sidelined for the last few days with a tough flu bug. Over it now (and very happy to be so!) -- the little break from posting gave me an opportunity to think about some of the things I'd like to talk about next time I had the chance to get back to updating this blog.

One thing is, be sure to check out the new Google Finance page for MVIS. There's even a 'Blogs' section in the lower right. I'm famous!

Well, when the company makes it big, I'm sure I'll have competition from some other younger, faster MVIS fanatic to see who has the most insightful and comprehensive Microvision Blog. But for now -- I enjoy a monopoly on Microvision blogging.

When I say that I have never felt better about my ownership of the company than I do right now, that might be hard for people to understand. Wouldn't I have been happier when the stock was higher several months ago?

Nope. I'm happiest now -- because we've got two months worth of the new Microvision being established. It's easy to see and hear the change. On the conference calls, we get realistic, no frills assessments of where we are, and where we're going. We get organizational alignment that tears down boundaries and increases efficiency and collaboration.

We get focus. We get a willingness to become what we are. And by this I mean, that the company is being transformed into a product development company rather than a technology research and design firm. The discipline of developing products is multi-faceted. There is the price. The cost. The quality. The manfacturability. The ongoing availability of source components. And there is the performance of the product, which must exceed expectations for its price point to the customer in order to succeed.

The thing that is most important to understanding my mind frame about the company is that I look at this now as a two-month old startup, with a supremely elegant and useful technology, that is being driven by upper echelon executives from GE management.

I find that a pretty compelling combination.

I have thrown out the window all of my old expectations. Now I just sit back and watch to see how these GE guys will continue to transform the company and position shareholders for sustainable, long-term growth. I'm not here to make a quick score and then bail. I'm here to see how Tokman is going to put Microvision inside "every high-definition display and imaging device sold in the future."

I really appreciate boldness and daring and a really really BIG vision for what the company can accomplish. This means that the company understands what it has, and what the technology really is: potentially the most valuable asset on Earth. The man-machine interface of the 21st century. But even more important than understanding that is being able to make it happen. Microvision is productizing their light-scanning technology by creating the Integrated Photonics Module: a simple, ultra-miniaturized platform that can be quickly and easily embedded into any type of device with graphical output.

Microvision owns the fundamental building block that the global computing and communications industry needs to advance the electronic age. A LOT of money has been spent refining it, miniaturizing it, improving it. Now the company is 'modularizing it' so full-color, high-definition virtual displays can go into a wide variety of devices -- with form factors no other company can even come close to.

So I feel better than I ever have. I've got a big chunk of a killer startup with serious management and supreme technology.

It feels great.