Lack, Brandwynne Resign BOD

Change in Directors or Principal Officers

On February 28, 2006, Walter J. Lack and Jacqueline Brandwynne resigned from Microvision, Inc.'s Board of Directors.

Thanks for your service, Mr. Lack and Ms. Brandwynne. By my count, this makes 4 openings on the board, including the Chairman position: Rutkowski, Lack, Brandwynne and Ratliffe -- all to be replaced.

This is pretty amazing. I'll be very keen to see who comes in to take these seats.

I believe that what we are witnessing is a super-rapid rebuilding of this company, starting with dramatic upgrades in the most key positions. In January, we got a new CEO -- a GE guy. In February, we got a new head of Sales and Marketing -- a GE guy. In March, we've got openings for a new Chairman, and 3 new directors...

As someone who has been watching this thing very very closely for several years, and holds a significant position in the stock, all I can say is...keep it up!

This is incredible.


  1. Obviously the market doesn't like the news. The stock has done nothing but go down since October of last year and has reached a crucial area of support.
    I'm thinking of taking my losses and moving on.

  2. do what you feel is right for you. best of luck!


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