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I have always felt that the #1 best business model in the world is Intellectual Property licensing. Invent something, like MEMS displays, that are critical to enabling OEM partner companies' next generation products. They then pay you for the right to manufacture it and incorporate it into their newest devices. You make sure everything is good with the manufacturing and production, and then collect royalty checks every month, while you further refine the technology so you'll be able to support a succeeding generation product lifecycle in the next year or two.

This is the Microvision-inside vision, which is now funded and going full speed ahead under the leadership of Tokman. I have bolded the phrase 'process transfer interactions with volume suppliers' because I believe that it is the really the key point here. This job, and really the whole company's job, is to establish the criticality of MEMS displays in the marketplace; partner with leading OEMs (such as say, Bosch, BMW, VW/Audi et al) to define product requirements and timelines to production; and ultimately hand off the manufacturing of MEMS displays to these OEMs who will build the devices entirely themselves.

MVIS becomes what it truly is: a world-class research and development company whose real assets are their intellectual property and their skill and agility at forming strong relationships and transferring robust and reliable manufacturing processes to OEMs.

Every reason we've ever bought this stock is here in this job description. This is something tangible that will tell you that the new management of MVIS gets it. They understand that our role is to commercialize the light-scanning platform by establishing really solid and repeatable manufacturing practices, documenting them and transferring them to our partners who will do the heavy lifting of device manufacturing.

This is the Intellectual Property licensing business model we've all been waiting for MVIS to adopt. The time is now...

MEMS Process Engineer

Microvision is the world leader in high-resolution scanned beam display and imaging systems built upon the company's proprietary silicon micro-mirror technology. We are currently recruiting for a MEMS Process Engineer.

The MEMS Process group supports process advancement/development, prototype production, and process transfer interactions with volume suppliers. The team interacts strongly with the MEMS Design team to provide best solutions in response to the given application requirements.

We are looking for a new member of our MEMS process engineering team to help us advance our capabilities in support of next generation technologies and products.

The responsibilities will include support of internal technician staff, hands on process trouble shooting and advancement, new process development, and generation of process documentation including travelers, masks and operating procedures. The ideal candidate will be able to quickly support ongoing process activities and bring with them a new set of skills and experience that will enable fundamental advances in the core technology.

Candidates must have strong hands on experience in wafer processing and process development. A background in bulk silicon MEMS processing or expertise in any of the following areas is a plus: DRIE, Electro-Chemical Etch, silicon wet etching, electroplating, dicing/die singulation, mask layout, MEMS design, MEMS volume manufacturing or other related skills.

The position is located at the Washington Technology Center Micro-Fabrication Laboratory on the University of Washington Campus. A minimum of 20% time is expected to be spent at the Microvision Redmond headquarters in support of required interactions with other groups within the company.


BS with 5+ years direct industry experience or MS with 3+ years of industry experience.


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