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Hey everybody!

Lots of traffic lately and, from what I can tell, some renewed excitement about the company probably driven by the website redesign.

For me, this redesign goes a long ways towards illustrating that it's a new day at the company -- and that the company is really serious about the IPM. This idea of a 'ubiquitious core' of Microvision technology inside any device with a display output is really really powerful. And the fact is, Microvision's technology is the only way to embed large-screen display capabilities into ever smaller mobile devices -- which are now increasingly used for web surfing, as cameras and camcorders, and with the advent of IPTV, as full-featured mobile TV terminals.

I really enjoyed the new interview with Tokman on the company's site that I reprinted here. I think it's really important for shareholders to understand what the company's short and long term objectives are, and the steps the company's taking to meet those objectives. Tokman's vision for the company what the company can become is REALLY BIG. I think it's much bigger than most shareholders (hi, Dave) are really considering right now.

The vision is to to change the world in a fundamental way by making Microvision technology an indispensable, necessary part of the way humans interact with computers and communications devices, and increasingly mobile and pervasive (and highly visual), digital media.

It's tremendously exciting to think about. This little company that not too many people know about, has this absolutely killer technology, and now has serious, credible executive leadership with the focus and discipline required to productize it -- and go further than that -- to maximize its value to the company's shareholders by meeting significant unmet needs in the marketplace for miniature-package-size/large-image-size displays.

So, yeah, I'm just about jumping out of my skin with excitement over the changes that have taken place over the course of this year, the ability to really have a tangible view into the company's outlook through the website redesign, the Tokman interview (hopefully, only the first of many interviews with the executive team on, and this really strong focus on the IPM and what it means to shareholders and potential partner companies.

We're now finally leveraging our unique advantages and building a platform that is modular, meaning that it consists of components which can be rapidly replaced/upgraded/modified as needed to meet individual product requirements, extensible to a variety of different configurations (a vehicle HUD, an embedded cell phone projector, and videogaming glasses from the same or highly similar platform components), and most significantly, scalable, meaning that the intention in every decision made along the development path is for each IPM-based design to be manufactured and sold in multi-million unit quantities.

These guys from GE know what they're doing. They didn't come here to fail. They came to Microvision to change the world and make incredible things happen for the company's shareholders. It's not going to happen overnight.

But I believe it is going to happen.


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