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WIRELESS: There's Magic in the Air (Windows Media Player)

The future of the wireless industry is extraordinarily bright, particularly if public policy recognizes the uniquely positive qualities of wireless communication.This video, set in 2015, takes a creative look “back” at the wireless industry and how policymakers set the stage for even more astounding growth in consumer benefit and business productivity than what the industry produced in its first 20-plus years.

Check out this video put together by CTIA to show off next-generation wireless services that the industry is envisioning. In particular, note the head-up displays and projector applications. This thing has Microvision written all over it. The other thing that struck me was how pointless the watch-sized displays, the little displays embedded in clothing, and the conventional Palm-Pilot displays are in this world where see-through head-up displays are widely used. Having to look down or take yourself out of your context in any way in order to use your computing device pretty drastically reduces the value of these advanced wireless services.

That being said, there's some pretty imaginative stuff in here and some pretty on-the-money application ideas for head-up and portable projection displays. Note that these guys still don't quite get over the hump to recognizing 'the 3D internet' and the next-generation of location-based services as being the key driver of wireless services in the near future. Probably in next year's video!

Not sure exactly what public policies these guys are advocating here, but this is pretty darn cool all the same.

Enjoy! Thanks to Dan.


At April 9, 2006 at 9:12 AM Anonymous said...

Interesting.. They sort of get it, mind us the absence of location-based/augmented reality services, of which there are precursors already (i.e., Google's local ads).

And, as you mentioned, the small embedded screens and conventional Palm-Pilots seemed as clumsy as they're today. Though, given the lousy resolution of those HUDs, it would be more compelling to resort to other displays, I suppose. The cliched notion of a "smart fridge" got a chuckle out of me.

Basically, I would expect to see what's shown here (HUDs, picoprojectors, HD video chat) as early is 2010, though probably not as widespread yet.

I think they might be slightly underestimating the amount of progress we will experience by 2015. I would expect some kind of gesture-based communication with computer appliances, advancements in continuous speech natural language recognition, a huge market centered around augmented reality, maybe even displays embedded into contact lenses.

Anyhow, ten years is such a long term nowadays that I'm sure there'll be advances we can't even conceive of today.

At April 9, 2006 at 10:01 AM Ben said...

wow, great comment! thanks!


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