HUD Thoughts

I spent a little more time with some translation software ( to translate the Blaupunkt HUD story dug up by view from afar and posted here earlier today.

'Flying Spot' is also referred to as 'laser scanner based system'.

Some other notes (slightly modified for readability): "Flying Spot technology is about as large as two match boxes and produces a picture that is displayed to the driver over mirror optics arranged into the primary visibility field on the windshield. This technology will go in full color already 2008 in series. Essential advantages of the new technology vis-à-vis display were based HUDs are a contrast 100 improved around the factor (therefore no disturbing background light in night), higher color saturation and better effect degree."

Here is the AutoHUD slide in the MVIS corporate overview presentation:

So don't let anybody tell you that Bosch/Blaupunkt laser-scanning "flying spot" HUD comes from anybody other than MVIS. Microvision technology is going mainstream, folks. This is a Tier 1 automotive supplier that is already on record as having an "ongoing collaboration" with Microvision espousing the compelling contrast, form factor, brightness and performance advantages of the MVIS laser-scanning HUD and talking about incorporating the MVIS AutoHUD into 2008 (or 2009, if you use the MVIS slide) model year vehicles.

Kind of cool.