It Is What It Is

Let me preface this post by saying that MVIS Blog does not offer investment advice.

From the emails and calls I've received over the last couple of days, there is a whole lot of emotion going on right now.

My perspective on the whole thing is that I never really expected that by May 2006, Microvision would be a global technology juggernaut. I have always maintained that by 2010, MVIS will be a serious player in the global technology scene, on their way towards becoming the indispensable visual interface of 21st century computing and communications.

The process of taking over a money losing technology company, replacing most of the management and the Board of Directors, completely overhauling the business and product strategy and then getting the company financed is pretty monumental. Doing it all in four or five months is mind blowing.

In regards to the stock price, as my hero, Patriots coach Bill Belichick often says, "It is what it is."

The question when evaluating Microvision in the present moment and their future opportunites is, "What will it become?"

I'm optimistic because it's my nature. And even if the stock was at $50, I wouldn't sell it because I think this is the next MSFT, DELL, QCOM, ORCL type of company. And I want to own the stock when there are MVIS products out there in the mainstream.

I believe in Tokman and the business plan and the new management team.

And I believe that 'shock and awe' value creation is not just imminent, it is inevitable. So yeah, I own a ton of this stock and have been getting shelled along with everybody else who reads this site this month.

But I just keep believing in Tokman and the company and feeling sure that much, much better days for shareholders will come.


  1. The culture today is instant gratification. These people need to understand hard work and its rewards. Tokman and his team did not leave their homes and their very GOOD jobs to take over a failing company.


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