Microvision on ABC News

Little Devices, Big Pictures

Microvision is adding projectors to tiny handheld devices used to view video.

Charlie Gibson: The size of technology. We've spent a good amount of time on this webcast talking about the number of people watching TV on their cell phones and iPods. The smaller and more portable, the better. But those tiny little screens aren’t very friendly to the eyes, and so ABC News Ned Potter has a glimpse at a technology that just might ease the strain.

Ned Potter: I have seen the future, and it is small – and that’s the problem. Cell phones and video iPods have as much processing power today as full-size computers did just a few years ago. But sometimes the only quick way to see their output is on a screen the size of a postage stamp. So Alex Tokman is out to fix that.

Alex Tokman: We’re trying to provide a large viewing experience in a small package.

Ned Potter: Tokman’s company, Microvision, is putting tiny projectors in tiny handhelds to produce big pictures. (Shows PicoP IPM module being embedded inside a cell phone package, and displaying large full color image on the wall.) It’s made this prototype that can project whatever you want to show people onto any nearby surface.

Alex Tokman: Instead of bringing the phone to them and saying, ‘take a look at these pictures I took on my vacation’, you can point them at the wall and basically show them in a much larger format.

Ned Potter: So if today’s technology seems too small for its own good, maybe tomorrow’s won’t. Ned Potter, ABC News, New York.

Be sure to watch the video to see PicoP in action -- and check out the ultra-miniature package size! This is awesome.


  1. Great information! Where can I view the PicoP video that is mentioned in the last line of the entry? Thank you.

  2. you've got to click the link, 'little devices, big pictures' at the top of the entry. it starts a video from ABC News.


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