Microvision Launches Mobile Bar Code Scanning Solution Extending Office Workflow to Mobile BlackBerry(R) Users

Microvision Launches Mobile Bar Code Scanning Solution Extending Office Workflow to Mobile BlackBerry(R) Users

Microvision eCell(TM) for BlackBerry(R) Enables Mobile Users to Scan and Store Excel(TM) Compatible Data to Improve Productivity

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Microvision, Inc., (Nasdaq:MVIS - News), the world leader in the development of scanned beam high-resolution displays and imaging systems, announced today the release of a new bar code software product for the family of Flic Laser Bar Code Scanners. The newest product release is Microvision eCell for BlackBerry. With a Flic Cordless Scanner, users can easily scan and capture bar code data into an eCell worksheet on their BlackBerry and then wirelessly send the file in real time to other personnel and systems. Typical applications for the product include: inventory, asset tracking, inspections, surveys, logs, field service, sales and job tracking.

Microvision's eCell for BlackBerry is available immediately online at www.flicscanner.com/landing/ecell. The product is also planned to be distributed through Microvision's growing network of mobile operators and wireless dealers.

"With this new product for the Flic Bar Code Scanner product line, we are providing a valuable solution to businesses of all sizes that rely on paper or spreadsheet based processes to track assets, take inventory, record activities, and more," stated Ian Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Microvision. "With Microvision eCell for BlackBerry, spreadsheets can now be extended to the BlackBerry and made more useful through bar code data input. The central office no longer has to wait to act on important and timely information brought in by field personnel on handwritten forms or disconnected devices. Microvision eCell for BlackBerry provides a complete mobile data capture solution. There is no programming required, and it is easy for any user with a BlackBerry device to get started and satisfy their portable office demands."

About Microvision

Headquartered in Redmond, WA, Microvision, Inc. is the world leader in the development of high-resolution displays and imaging systems based on the company's proprietary silicon micro-mirror technology. The company's technology enables solutions and products in a broad range of industrial, consumer, military, and medical applications. For more information about bar code products, please visit www.flicscanner.com. For more information about Microvision's display capabilities, please visit www.microvision.com.

Forward-Looking Statements

Certain statements contained in this release relating to product applications are forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected in the company's forward-looking statements include the following: our ability to obtain financing; success of executive transition; market acceptance of our technologies and products; our financial and technical resources relative to those of our competitors; our ability to keep up with rapid technological change; government regulation of our technologies; our ability to enforce our intellectual property rights and protect our proprietary technologies; the ability to obtain additional contract awards and to develop partnership opportunities; the timing of commercial product launches; the ability to achieve key technical milestones in key products; and other risk factors identified from time to time in the company's SEC reports, including in its Annual Report on Form 10-K, as may be amended, and its Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q.


  1. With 5.5 million subscribers and a potential of 130 million subscribers world wide, MVIS is poised to serve this market!
    Just do the math with 10% of blackberry users, adapting MVIS technology.
    You could have sales, only for Flic in the range of 165MM to 4 Billion.
    Not as exciting as the products to come but it is sure a product that it is starting to make a lot of sense!

    Definitely MVIS is worth the risk.

  2. One thenth of one percent might be more accurate. Do you really imangine one out of every blackberry users running around with a Flic? I don't think so.

  3. It's interesting though...

    if one tenth of one percent of Blackberry subscribers bought Flics (there are 5M Blackberry owners as of April 7 http://business.techwhack.com/category/sales-figures/page/3/)
    that would give us 5,000 Flic eCell bundles @ $299 for a total value of about $1.5M.

    And there's certainly plenty of room to run should we get .1% penetration...

  4. I really consider one tenth to be really small share. Anyways is a market that has a potential of being huge.
    Flik is a great tool for mid size, small and big corporations, also homeowners and entrepreneurs.
    Anyway thank you for your reality check I enjoy having someone challenge mi thinking.

  5. MVIS went through the roof last week. I sold some shares to take some money off the table. Now I'm letting the rest of my shares go for a ride.

    Did the Flic announcement drive the recent price rise? Just curious...


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