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I just took a look at my hit counter and saw I'd gone over 200,000 page views since I started keeping track a couple of years ago.

It got me thinking. I realized that writing this blog has changed my life.

When I started writing MVIS Blog in April 2004, I think it's pretty safe to say that I had no idea that it would take on a life of its own the way it has.

For one, I've done a lot of reading. For every story that I've posted, there have been many more that I've read that were maybe too tangential to include here. I would find these intuitive links between things that maybe don't correlate on the surface, but on some kind of subconscious level, I could see that they were somehow just another signpost, pointing me in the same direction.

I've done a lot of writing, too. Of the over 900 posts on MVIS Blog, a good percentage of them are essays that I've written. I'd have some moment of clarity and sit there for an hour or two or three, and just bang out some article that would have meaning to me, or connect the dots in a way that would hopefully provide some insight. To put something out there, and check back a little later and see that 100 people had already read it, has always been amazing to me.

I've gotten a ton of emails. People from all over the world have written to me, which has been totally amazing. I have been fortunate to actually make some good friends, and I am always happy to read your emails, even if I can't always respond to each one.

When I started this blog, I lived in California and worked at one of the world's largest biotechnology companies. Now, 2 1/2 years later, I live in Washington and work at what I believe will become one of the world's biggest photonics companies.

The opportunities in front of this company are enormous, and quantifiable: In 2005, there were 63 million cars produced. 812 million cell phones were sold. $30B worth of video games and consoles were sold.

Just look at the mobility space: Wireless bandwidth continues to increase. Storage is cheaper and denser. Processor speed ramps up while chips get smaller and smaller. Step by step, the infrastructure is being built to support a totally wireless, pervasive world of ultra-fast information content and services.

And the potential value of that information content for all the players in these industries, continues to be held back by the device's interface to the user: A small, fixed-pixel flat panel display that can not provide an experience on par with the traditional, stationary computer or TV.

Walking by the full color PicoP prototype in the demo room in the morning on my way to my desk is an amazing experience. That opportunity is so tangible.

I'm excited to be here, and I'm happy to continue to report to you to the degree that I'm able. Thanks for sticking with me!


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