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La vidéoprojection intégrée aux téléphones mobiles d'ici 2008

An attempt at the French to English Translation is below:

Technology - The American corporation Microvision has conceived a system of video projection, that can be integrated into a mobile phone or to accessory peripheral devices. This innovation has seduced several Asian groups of electronics companies.

Mobile TVs are already a reality in certain European countries, as in Norway or the United Kingdom, and experimentations have been taking place in France for several months. The video applications (pop videos, athletic retransmissions, vidéocasts and other broadcasting programs), will represent an important part of the leisure market on mobile phones, of which one considers that it will be more than 24 billion Euros to the horizon 2010.

Numerous are those that doubt the interest to look at a broadcasting container on the small screen of a mobile telephone. This is from which the interest of the solution for PicoP, developed by the American corporation Microvision, that will allow a new generation of mobile phones in pocket vidéoprojecteurs.

Microvision has succeeded to integrate within an alone component a body of lasers - bluer, red and green - and a small mirror of a square millimeter that, while moving itself on his axis, can thus project the received light of these lasers on a wall or all other surface. The projected picture then can attain the size of a laptop screen, for a better comfort of vision.


  1. The frequency of coverage on mvis is increasing at a fast pace like a women in labor. Soon mvis will give birth to fantastic products never before thought possible.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. thank you. I think your analogy is quite apt! :-)

  3. I hope it is sextuplets!


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