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Survey: Mobile entertainment services fall flat

Survey: Mobile entertainment services fall flat

By Peter Cohen

A new report from IDC concludes that the mobile entertainment services offered by cell phone service providers aren't proving to be particularly popular with U.S. consumers. The report, entitled U.S. Wireless Teen and Adult Consumer Entertainment Survey, 3Q06: Age, Device Type, and ARPU Segmentation, finds that almost three-quarters of respondents didn't use any data services for their phones beyond messaging.

In recent months and years American cell phone service providers have expanded their service offerings to provide mobile television, music, gaming and other capabilities on new cell phone models, leading some industry analysts to believe, among other things, that cell phones might threaten Apple's dominance in the portable music player space with its iPod and iTunes store. That's proving not to be the case, according to IDC's research, which was based on a survey of more than 2,500 American wireless subscribers and customers.

Steep prices are one of the main reasons, according to survey respondents - 47 percent of those between 18 to 24 years old said that mobile data services are "too expensive."

Mobile messaging services such as Short Message Service (SMS) are more popular, used by almost half of respondents. Only about 20 percent purchased a ring tone, and only about 10 percent bought a graphic, wallpaper or game.

MVIS is dedicated to bringing on the paradigm shift that will make mobile multimedia services worth paying for...


  1. Ben,

    I didn't see Microvision listed as an attendee on the CES 2007 website. Will Microvision be there?


  2. We'll be there, but not on the show floor. We've got a suite where we'll be displaying our new IPM and PicoP designs to prospective partners as well as having an event for investors.

  3. Ben, do you consider them competiton and are you aware of the company?



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