BusinessWeek: Microvision's Gleam Lights Up A Big Screen

Microvision's Gleam Lights Up A Big Screen

How about a cell phone embedded with a tiny projector that displays an image the size of a laptop screen or as big as a plasma TV? Microvision (MVIS), which develops high-resolution displays and imaging systems, unveiled a prototype of such a device in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Corning (GLW) and Novalux developed the green lasers incorporated into Microvision's ultra-thin, miniature, full-color projection displays, says CEO Alexander Tokman. He is in talks with the major cell-phone makers for partnership deals. "The mini projectors created tremendous buzz," says Peter Conley, managing director at MDB Capital Group. "The market for the laser-based displays in micro form is huge, as the cell-phone market is still basically untapped," he says. Joel Achramowicz, an analyst at MDB Capital, rates the stock a buy and expects Microvision to partner with a handset maker by summer. He sees the stock, now trading at 3.16, doubling in a year.


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