The Future of Tech Is Here

The Future of Tech Is Here

Miniature projectors, inkless printers, and wearable LCDs may be available by 2008.

By Aimee Baldridge

January 2007 was an interesting month for portable image-output technology. ZINK Imaging demonstrated an inkless printing system, Eleksen showed a wearable display and Microvision unveiled a tiny projector that can be integrated into camera phones and compact cameras.

Microvision unveiled its Pico Projector in January as well. The laser-based device is tiny enough to be integrated into camera phones and other imaging devices, and projects an image as wide as 50 inches. You can see it demonstrated in this video on Gear Live's site. Microvision expects to see the projector available in consumer products by 2008.

Mini-mobile Micro Projectors

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article (subscription required) about new technology that will allow cell phones to become mobile projection units. For those of us used to lugging around projectors, albeit smaller than they were a few years ago, this potential technology development could bring a good deal of joy. The article states that Microvision has released a prototype of a unit that can be integrated into a cellphone for use as a projection unit. They are projecting (no pun intended) that the projection technology will be released in late 2008.

Other companies reportedly working on the technology include Symbol Technologies and Explay Ltd.

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