Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop up and say hi. Life is pretty full right now and the fastest paced that it's ever been for me. I'm driving the Color Eyewear platform forward as hard as I can, along with a crew of truly outstanding team members. I'm very encouraged by the progress we're making, and I think we're going to have something pretty exciting here...so if life is full now, I can only imagine what things are going to look like looking out a little ways.

We have the only technology that's capable of delivering a daylight-readable, truly see-through display in a sleek and lightweight form-factor. We've got unbelievable talent here that's totally dedicated to developing this technology and I'm totally focused on putting the pieces in place to bring this to market -- and there are a variety of markets and applications for this kind of product, from military to medical to industrial to commercial to consumer.

As you can imagine, I've never been more excited about work than I am right now. What we're working on is a product that combines a totally cool looking pair of glasses with a gorgeous see-through display. So it's not often that you get an opportunity like this to work on something so...game changing, exciting, powerful, and fun.

So, it's a great time for me right now. And having two young kids is amazing too. I'm grateful to my wife who puts up with me being at work most of the time and takes such great care of our kids everyday. She knows what this opportunity means to me and has supported me, and my Microvision dream through everything. Thank goodness!


  1. Keep running, Forrest. Keep running.

    Thanks for the update. Greatly appreciated, as always.

  2. Hi Ben,

    Are you wearing a protype in the picture by the lake??

  3. Hi Ben,

    I’m very happy for you. Anyone willing to work hard for their dreams deserves to have them come to fruition. Keep up the good work. I believe it will payoff for all of us in the future. If not, sooner.
    I ran across this company (Third-Order Nanotechnologies; TDON). They claim they have a new material that will replace the silicon transistor and that it will run cooler and be more stable. I was wondering if you knew anything about it and if it would be of value for the PicoP, in light that it can run cooler (no-pun intended). http://biz.yahoo.com/pz/070130/112679.html
    For full disclosure, I recently bought a few shares of their stock & have been holding long in MVIS.

    Thanks Ben for any info. You might have.

    Richard C.

  4. Hey Ben, it's always great to hear from you and how things are going.

    We are all very excited to see this technology come to fruitation, and it sounds like it is coming along wonderfully. Your team at Microvision are all doing a great job, and as one of your investors, I thank you!.

    Be sure to thank your wife for us also, for giving up some of her time with you so that you are able to work on these projects. And give your kids a special hug, too...they are very precious. Hopefully you are still able to fit in some good "play time" with them. In the long run, I am confident it will pay off for everyone! Thanks again, and take care! ;-)

  5. thanks a lot for this note!

  6. I am dying to try the Color Eyewear video glasses. Where can I go to try them on?!


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