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If your mobile phone is going to be used like a Nintendo Wii controller to play golf or tennis games (see prior post), it's going to need an external display. You can't look at a screen on a phone that you're swinging around.

And if your phone needs an external display, you're not going to want to hold it in your hands. You've already got one of your hands in use, swinging your phone around.

And if it's not going to be a handheld display, then an eyewear display makes the most sense.

And if it's going to be an eyewear display, it has to be a see-through display so you can see where you're going. And the image is going to have to be bright enough to see on a sunny day at the beach -- or anywhere else you might be.

And of course it's going to have to look cool, first and foremost...


  1. Hi Ben, what is your opinion on the LUMUS PD-20? Seems to be targeting the same market as MVIS eyewear display.

  2. nice form factor, however not a bright enough image for daylight readability.

    even to get a good image in a convention center, I had to flip down an 'occlusion bar' which effectively makes it a non-see through display, similar to the Myvu, etc.

    this is why using lasers gives us an important advantage in this space. our see-through images will be bright enough for fighter pilots flying into the sun...!

  3. Ben,

    How far (or soon) before Microvision demos a working prototype at a convention?


  4. Hi Ben,
    In general terms, how much different is the IPM going to need to be to work with your glasses? How far away is MVIS from having at least a CES type picop demo for the glasses? I know you can't give a lot of details, but just some general realistic idea when we can try one on.

    Thanks & keep up the good work!

  5. regarding timeframes for displaying the eyewear...stay tuned -- more information from the company will be forthcoming.


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