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helden5022 said...

helden5022 said...

I feel that I do understand your "bigger picture" of AR and where MVIS will play a part in the future of this truly disruptive technology. What I don't fully understand and what I am hoping you can shed some light on is more what MVIS' plans are now in the present with this.

So, basically I think what I'm trying to say is it is easy for the "avg person" to see how big an opportunity the [PicoP embedded] cell phone app could be ... but not everyone sees how the AR/Color Eyewear application can be an initial sucess in the consumer market NOW or anytime in the immediate future.

This is a great question and I'm happy to answer it. We see three distinct, very large segments for eyewear displays:

and consumer.

Each of the main segments listed above will have distinct requirements and require distinct products. A military product has to be extremely rugged and offer the highest levels of ballistic protection, in addition to providing an ultra-high performance integrated see-through display. A medical product may require stereoscopic augmented vision or some other set of critical requirements. And a consumer product has to hit the critical combination of low cost, extremely high cool factor, and series of KILLER APPS from day 1. I want to have lines around the block at midnight waiting in line to get this product.

We believe that by offering the right Color Eyewear product in each segment, we can build multiple sustainable businesses around the eyewear platform. And you do that by meeting significant unmet needs -- whether its improving safety and awareness for troops in high-threat environments, or improving medical applications that result in faster critical procedures, and less patient risk.

While these initial segments are being built, we will continually improve our processes and designs, resulting in lower cost eyewear that can be brought to the consumer market, in time to meet the KILLER APP and a robust infrastructure and strong demand. We're not going to build it just to build it and see what happens. We'll be opportunistic and partner with the right people, to bring a killer product to market with tons of great applications, that's easy to use and looks great.

Obviously, we're just a display company. So we've got to answer the question in my prior post about how eyewear changes applications and experiences in order to bring this go-to-market coalition together around ubiquitous eyewear.

So, that's my plan for now. :-)


At April 25, 2007 at 11:51 AM Anonymous said...

Can we get a video showing picoP in a dark room on your website? The videos from media are not very complimentary. Don't understand why this has not been done yet. Could also replace the idealized images with real images using picoP.

At April 25, 2007 at 1:37 PM Kitty said...

Display systems don't film well. They always look much better in real life. It has to do with refresh rates.

Anyway, I think finding the killer app will be the least of your problems. Anybody with a 3D engine will be pounding down your door, trying to partner with you.

At April 25, 2007 at 1:37 PM helden5022 said...

Thank you for the response Ben, it is much appreciated ;)

A few additional questions ... on the consumer front the eyewear isn't being targeted, or expected to be "gamer glasses" that someone could essentially use as a "replacment" for a TV??? Correct? The target is instead more along the lines of not only "AR" but in the immediate future as more of an extenstion of your say cell phone or PDA, etc. More of an imformational type tool ... not an entertainment one?

Or will it be both? Will somoene be able to have a bluetooth connection to their PDA, etc ... and then later have it connected to their cell phone and watch a movie on the glasses?

And lastly, obviously without disclosing any information about what is going on "behind the scences" over there, do you have any ideas of timelines where we could see an actual consumer product, or even prototype?

And thx again for all you do on this blog, I really think your efforts here are appreciated by many ;)

At April 26, 2007 at 11:59 AM Anonymous said...

Oakley would seem like a perfect fit. They are extremly agressive in eyewear product innovation. All the best to you and I am a 100% believer in your vision.

At April 26, 2007 at 9:01 PM Ben said...

thank you 'anonymous 11:59 AM' for those well wishes and great comment!

At April 26, 2007 at 9:02 PM Ben said...

kitty is right that PicoP in person looks much, much better than any film I've seen of it.


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