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A Seamless Union

As many of you know, long before I became an employee of Microvision, I became a shareholder in the company. The basic premise of see-through eyewear displays that provide an information overlay that's relevant to your current context and activity has always been, for me, a powerful idea. A seamless union of the digital and the real has fascinated me for years.

What is the value of merging the digital world and the real world? Allowing digital information to have a place in the physical world of space, of buildings, of boxes, of stuff. By moving the computer interface from a flat, fixed-pixel display on an external, hand-held device to a pair of see-through eyewear, what opportunities are enabled?

Microvision has a unique and powerful solution for enabling the capability of merging the digital and the real. Our PicoP-based see-through eyewear technology is expected to enable revolutionary lightweight displays that can be integrated into cool looking fashion sunglasses. By delivering see-through information onto your field of view, we can extend your connection to your mobile device and your personal mobile services, and deliver critical real-time data while keeping your hands free, and not inhibiting awareness of your surrounding environment and activity.

That's always been the core of the company's value proposition to me; enabling the seamless union of digital information and 3-dimensional space.

On another topic, I want to underscore a point I made in my last post that a colleague and myself were recounting today about the SID show. We brought a visitor into our booth at SID to see the new wide-angle PicoP and they stared at the image and then threw their hands up and said "I've never seen anything so amazing in my life!"

Now, imagine this kind of experience and reaction by hundreds and hundreds of people over the three days that we were exhibiting at SID. It's an extraordinary thing to experience first-hand. I've always felt this way about Microvision, that the technology held the promise to turn into something potentially life-changing for millions of people. And now, having the opportunity to present our newest technology to people for the first time, it's a great thrill. It's indescribable to see the delight when a tiny PicoP projector is pointed at the wall, then moved to the ceiling, and the image goes huge, and you see the look of excitement and recognition.

A lot of the engineers who spend the late nights at work designing these things and making this all possible don't always get to attend these events -- so it's important for those of us who do get to experience direct customer interaction with our technology to tell them -- YEAH. People get it. This experience is something that people want. All this work has the potential to touch the lives of millions of people.


At May 31, 2007 at 2:45 PM Jonathan said...

yeah people get it. I have dreamed of the eyewear tech for so many years. The only thing better would be advanced neural implants which are a good ways off! If your company can make fashionable eyewear displays, it would be HUGE.

Then all we would need is an advanced mouse revolution. Perhaps a miniature camera that determines where your eye would be on the screen and lets you simulate clicks with eyelid motions. So many possibilities...

At May 31, 2007 at 9:08 PM Kitty said...

There actually already is eyetracking. The trick is finding some way to simulate clicks that won't be accidentally triggered. Imagine getting a bit of dust in your eye and accidentally erasing your entire iTunes library.

What I've been wondering is A) how the eyewear will connect wirelessly and B) if it will have some sort of camera in it so that the computer can process what you see, the way Steve Mann's Eyetap system works.

At June 2, 2007 at 9:26 AM Don said...

I remeber before the Human Interface Lab at the UW sold the technology, a friend of mine asked me to put my chin and the laser table and open my eyes. I made him go first and even then I had to force myslef to do it. IT WAS SO AMAZING!! EVEN THEN, EVEN WITH MY HEAD STILL AND MY CHIN AN A LIGHT TABLE BIG ENOUGH FOR A FAMILY TO EAT FROM--. What I find painful is how long this is taking to get to market.

At June 24, 2007 at 11:09 PM Ben said...

awesome comments, you guys!


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