Daily Speculator Comments on MVIS 2007 Shareholder Meeting

Reflections - Microvision 2007 ASM

I walked into the dark room to find it teeming with enthused investors and engineers. It didn't take long for me to hone in on all the excitement. Centered in the room was a table with both of Microvision's prototypes PicoPs eloquently projecting crystal clear video footage of everyone's favorite Pixar fish. While the image clarity was nearly identical in the two prototypes, the latest generation, presented in wide angle WVGA resolution provided a superior viewing experience. Mind boggling to me, this all occurred in less than half a year and yet Microvision was able to maintain 1.5 W usage and nearly a 7mm package. Hmmm

Needless to say it was quite shocking seeing these projectors for the first time. I didn't really grasp it initially due to my fixated on the projection, but finally I looked down and realized just how minuscule these projectors are!


  1. The video clips of the PicoP were really something to see.

  2. i guess PicoP is not the only thing that is in the eye of the beholder...haha....

    great JOB Microvision and Ben... you guys have really carried us far...Thank YOU. I can't wait for the future.....


  3. Great reviews on the shareholder meeting! Amazing how much the company has changed in just a year and a half. It is a good time to be a long shareholder.

    Who goes to a shareholder's meeting in a green addidas jogging suit? Its gotta be a joke. Who would post their email address on a blog for everyone to see and email back?

  4. Hi Ben,

    Is Microvision working on any larger, brighter projectors to rival today's regular light projectors? I'm guessing the laser projectors would use way less electricity and not have to change expensive bulbs. Not to mention be considerably smaller.

  5. Kevin,

    No plans to compete with existing large projectors at the present time. Focus is on bringing Picoprojectors, automotive displays and eyewear to market.


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