Alcatel-Lucent and Georgia Tech Planning 4G Services Center of Excellence

Alcatel-Lucent and Georgia Tech Planning 4G Services Center of Excellence

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Alcatel-Lucent, (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU), and Georgia Institute of Technology today announced, here at the CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment trade show and exhibition in San Francisco, that they are in negotiations to establish the Alcatel-Lucent Center of Excellence for ultra-high bandwidth services to jointly develop augmented reality applications and massive multiplayer online games for mobile devices.

Under the proposed strategic agreement, Alcatel-Lucent and Georgia Tech would form a team, with funding from Alcatel-Lucent, on the university campus dedicated to developing high-bandwidth applications, identifying the network challenges that accompany such applications and creating solutions to those challenges.

The joint work would focus on augmented reality, which is the addition of computer-generated graphics to a real scene, as well as multiplayer online gaming and television-gaming convergence.

The Alcatel-Lucent and Georgia Tech partnership would be one of the first under the new University Innovations Program that Alcatel-Lucent also announced today.

"Combining Alcatel-Lucent's leadership in wireless and convergence technology, with Georgia Tech, one of America's top research universities, will spark innovation leading to more exciting and robust applications that carriers can offer their customers no matter how they connect," said Jessica Stanley-Yurkovic, Vice President, North America Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent. "Our goal is to create scenarios in Georgia Tech's research labs that challenge the maximum capability of current wireless systems so that we can develop services and technologies that go beyond today's capabilities, toward a next-generation high-bandwidth user experience."

Alcatel-Lucent and Georgia Tech intend to have prototype applications and a "test bed" in place by the end of 2008.


  1. Hey Ben, can you get me in to the ROV launch party on Friday?

  2. Interesting post on Silicon Investor Board:

    "Why Apple Must Buy Microvision"
    Apple's image relies on being the most "hip" in technology - the first to market with wonderous new products that dazzle the world. That is exactly why Apple must purchase Microvision. Microvision's hot new technology could end up being used first in another company's cell phones - and that just won't do. Will Apple miss out on the next wave of technological change? Will it suddenly be leapfrogged by another tech player? A Hewlett Packard? Nokia? Motorola? Roger Crockett of BusinessWeek notes that it would be stunning if someone like Motorola "can leagfrog the competition with innovative new products." How would the ultimate "cool" tech geek, Steve Jobs, handle that? Apple has a reputation for having to have all of its product in house and under its thumb, so that means buying, not joint ventures. And that means if they want into the new big screen game, they gotta buy their way in. It is vital for the next wave for them. And if they want to grab Microvision, they will have to do it soon. With the launch of the ROV and the ensuing and increasing corporate familiarity with Microvision, the game becomes more high stakes.

  3. So Ben,
    Is this going to be a better (more exciting)conference call than normal? Or do we have to wait until next year for some real excitement?

  4. Hi Ben,

    I have a question. Are you guys expecting to have a working stand alone PicoP prototype which incorporates all the power and electronics within the unit to display at CES in January. If so, any odds on achieving this?


  5. CC transcript... you're welcome.


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