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Your Future Phone - "Your Future Phone"

But before phones can really compete with your desktop computer or laptop, they'll have to get beyond at least one barrier: their tiny screens. One solution to those cramped displays is under development by Redmond, Wash.-based Microvision (nasdaq: MVIS - news - people ). The small firm builds projectors into phones, effectively allowing users to splash their display onto the nearest white wall or desktop surface.

"Customers are frustrated with small screens," says Microvision's spokesperson Matt Nichols. "We think that the real growth in the phone market will come when users can experience viewing from their phone on the level of their laptop or home television set."

Microvision plans to begin integrating its projectors into cellphones in mid-2009. Bigger companies jumping into so-called "pico projectors" include Texas Instruments (nyse: TXN - news - people ) and 3M (nyse: MMM - news - people ), which has announced that it will integrate projectors into Samsung devices--possibly including cellphones--sometime this year.


  1. Microvision took a colossal hit today when someone pointed out several shortcomings of the PicoP when compared to the TI product. True or not the company cannot allow the claims go unanswered. Microvision could take a page from the "War room" model of modern politics and not let the sun set on a bullshit story, allowing the damage to fester.


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