In the airport

I'm in the airport waiting for the inflatable slide to be replaced on my plane to Chicago -- watching the failure of the bailout bill and thinking of the old saying, 'may you live in interesting times'. Bad mortgage lending practices have created a real monster, but personally I was not eager to see the feds hand the keys to the US treasury over ... (you may disagree!).

These things will work themselves out over however long it takes -- seeing Wamu go down, AIG and the rest is shocking, but the one thing that I do know is that there's a difference between markets, which exist as 'the madness of crowds', (see tulip mania and all the rest) and technology, that really does grow exponentially, and rushes ever onward because it truly is a force of nature.

It seems that something is worth what you can get someone to pay you for it, but change and progress are fundamental and ongoing.

Tell the biotech scientist to stop decoding genomes because there's bad mortgage debt -- it doesn't compute. And at MVIS, we'll keep innovating and driving our platform forward because that's what we're here to do -- change the way people visualize information.

So, in the face of dire warnings of great depressions and everything else, you just have to stick to your knitting. Science and technology are part of the fabric of life, just like banks -- but there is comfort (for me anyway) to know that the wheel doesn't stop, and in reality the ever-more intimate connection of people and technology can't stop.

Should be interesting to be at WiMAX World and AUSA over the next few days -- all these guys are going to show off awesome technology, and it'll be clear as day that in the long run, we are going to see incredible technologically driven change in our lifetimes.

'May you live in interesting times', indeed!

Best wishes,


  1. Hi Ben,
    When are we going to see the new and improved SHOW? If it is being showed to the world in Japan, can't Microvision put pictures and specifications on its website? Other companies push their products, Microvision seems to hide them. Many of us have a lot invested in Microvision because of the story you and the company has told us. The competition seems to be quickly gaining and we get nothing from mvis. I still believe in the vision, but it gets harder to do so when we are kept in the dark.

  2. Hi Joe,

    The external housing of the new SHOW looks pretty much identical to the old SHOW, but the display performance is significantly improved. Not sure we can capture this adequately on YouTube-type videos but I will pass your note to our web team and see what we can do to show off these improvements. Believe me, we'll do everything we can to publicize the new projectors to the fullest -- they really look great!

    Thanks for your note and for your support.


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