Corning Talks Microvision

This video is from 2008, but I had not seen it before today. Hope you enjoy it.
Here's Dr. Joseph A. Miller, Jr. Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Corning, discussing Microvision's technology and its competitive advantages. Have a great weekend.


  1. right... we will believe in when we see it.

  2. Hi Ben,

    It occurs to me that the recent 3D cinema renaissance is going to provide more 'killer apps' for MVIS eyewear when it eventually finds its way to the mass consumer market. With big names like James Cameron (Avatar) & Disney Pixar producing 3D content, I can't imagine a better way of viewing it at home than on 3D-HD eyewear.

    I'm sure you're sworn to secrecy, but you must have prototyped stereoscopic eyewear already - one nod for yes, two for no?

    Keep up the good work..


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