Sumitomo Electric RGB Laser Module in Robohon

Sumitomo Electric self-identifies as the laser module supplier for Robohon

Utilizing the high-density packaging technology that we cultivated in the manufacture of optical communication devices, we developed a full-color laser module that houses three lasers: red, green, and blue, temperature control elements, and monitor PDs in an ultra-compact package. By providing a highly airtight cap seal and ensuring high reliability, it is expected to be applied to various applications such as pico projector, HUD, industrial light source, laser lighting and so on.

Our Products in Sharp's Robohon

Our ultra-compact full-color laser module was installed as a high-definition projector light source (equivalent to HD 1,280 × 720 pixels) in Sharp's mobile robot phone "ROBOHON" released in May 2016. With our high-density packaging technology, it is now possible to mount a laser projector in a small space of ROBOHON head (45 mm).
Application example of laser projector
Application example of laser projector