Goertek Industrial Design Smart Speaker with Laser Projector design

If you wondered what the design of an AI smart speaker with an included laser projector might look like, here's an industrial design from Goertek. 

Combination of Lift and rotatable HD laser projection and great sound effect.

Running on smart speech platform and bring excellent smart home audio solution.

About Goertek Industry Design Center
GID was established in 2001, it’s the design team of GoerTek Inc. GID provides products design and services to industry leading companies, including Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Microsoft, Plantronics, and Cisco and so on.

Notably, Goertek also offers this familiar looking Optical Component Module on their site.

With powerful optical development capabilities and resource integration, Goertek can provide laser beam scanning MEMS module for PICO projector\project + touch function and AR application and depth sensing camera module for gesture recognition, 3D sensing and AR\VR application.

  • Small size
    High contrast
    Low power consumption
    TOF technology
    Structure light technology

h/t Goseethelights, Gaporter


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