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Key Takeaways from MVIS AI at the Edge Call

Here are my key takeaways from yesterday's call on MVIS value proposition for AI at the Edge. 
  • MVIS offers two flavors of IoT modules, Interactive Projection and Consumer LIDAR. 
  • MVIS IoT modules are "Edge computers" designed to display, sense 3D space, provide inputs to the AI cloud service and perform local processing tasks that reduce the cost and latency of the AI service.
  • MVIS has a self-evident value proposition for world-leading AI companies (Amazon, Google, Samsung, etc) that MVIS' sensing and display system makes it easier to interact and therefore easier to transact. 
  • Transactions via AI assistance are the key to 'monetizing the AI platform' which is critically important due to huge and growing multi-billion dollar investments by these players. 
  • MVIS makes AI cloud services feel more 'magical' by reducing latency of responsiveness by a factor of 10-100x for certain interactions. 
  • MVIS has successfully passed these world leading companies' scrutiny of MVIS Operations, which was key to enabling their described current advanced "levels of conversations." 
  • These conversations involve seven-figure (1M+) and eight-figure (10M+) unit volumes, because that's how these world leading AI companies define success.
  • Unlike several years ago with green lasers, there are no problems with components in the supply chain that would gate MVIS from providing modules at the volumes being discussed (1-10M+ units). PM: "We are primed and ready to go"