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Microvision in Google Trends

I find it kind of fascinating that the general awareness and interest in the company is near all-time lows, as measured by Google searches. It would seem that multiple products from name brands including MVIS technology are poised for launch next year via our apparent license to Foxconn, and our $24M customer who has advised the company they intend to launch a product in 2019. These are going to seem to be coming out of nowhere to the general population.



  1. I agree. Ben, would you agree with this statement: MVIS, is an engineering company to the Technology industry much like trials in BLUE (to pick a name I'm also invested) is to the Pharma industry?

    Naysayers want to point to dilution, stock price, short position etc, and some of that may be justified. I have been a shareholder for along time and have lost my share but I remain committed to the belief that the "brains" of this technology , not the only ones i'm sure, park there cars in Redmond, like many others be it microsoft or amazon. Jeff Bezos when asked why WA- one reason talent.

    I say when it hits it will be like a ton of bricks. With the float so low it will feel like a spring board and as we know, the herd will follow. I was surprised to see people leave what I knew were lucrative positions to follow a vision way before you were employed there, I'm wise in my ways.

    Then it was almost like seeing the Jetsons, now that time is upon us. 5G may get people to upgrade their phones once coverage is available but projection, imo will be the one killer app (hardware dependent) that make people say, "wait you want to see a photo, youtube video, power point presentation, here let me show you this, and it won't be MVIS they are looking at, it will be your branded products until people do the digging...then I suspect the trend in your graph will spike in the other direction. Just saying..


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