Perry Mulligan at 9th Annual Craig-Hallum Alpha Select Conference

Microvision Q3 2018 Audio Blog

Here are some thoughts on Q3 call, the PR, go-to-market strategy, recognition of the technical team and other musings. Listen to "October 29, 2018" on Spreaker.


  1. "Presumably Foxconn"
    Tell me why this partner would not be STI.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Lawrence, I make that presumption because:

      1. Sharp includes MVIS components, modules and products in their recent sales presentations on laser diodes.
      2. Sharp mentioned to an attendee at the CEATAC trade show they would launch an MVIS-powered pico projector.
      3. A company that did not own the license to market MVIS tech would not go-to-market with a display-only MVIS product or include MVIS tech in their laser diode sales presentations.
      4. Sharp is owned by Foxconn.

      That said, we'll see.


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