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Blackview MAX 1 Official video, MVIS laser projector phone

A couple things about this. The Blackview MAX 1 comes bundled with a tripod and speaker, which I think is a terrific way for people to get the best use out of the embedded MicroVision laser projector. I really enjoyed the 'lifestyle' aspect of this video -- it was great to see how the projector provided value to the user during their work life and their home life, bonding with the small child playing Fortnite projected on the wall.

It's worth noting that the laser projector here is the selling point and differentiator. I'll be interested to see if a leading brand comes to market with an MVIS embedded projector phone, especially now that future products of this nature would be manufactured and sold by the company's licensee.

h/t Oz


  1. Very interesting. Are you sayiing the Blackview Max 1 does have MVIS technology?
    For me, it's not clear with whom MediaTec and Snapdragon are doing business with; are
    they competitors?

    1. Looks to be a rebadged VOGA 2 from Ragentek. I am sure that is the mvis projector


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