New Product Images and Spec Sheets

Interactive Display Spec Sheet

It's worth noting that the Laser Diode wavelengths on the Interactive Display spec sheet match up 1:1 with the offerings described in Sharp's Laser Diode Product Introduction:

For fun, on the right below we see Sharp's new, brighter 520nm 130mW laser in action (model GH521DA2G) from this article back in October.

Consumer LiDAR Spec Sheet


  1. updated with Sharp laser diode catalog and image of the green 520 nm 130mw laser.

  2. Ben as an engineer, would you kindly elaborate on the safety of the lasers described. It is my understanding and correct me if I'm wrong, that class one lasers (the safest) project at less than one lumens, Class 2 at around 15 lumens, and a 25 lumen projection would be a class 3r. What is acceptable in the vertical markets that Microvision is going after?

    I remember when those "laser pens" came out years ago and darn near blinded people. I can't imagine for an instance a phone manufacturer, or even a smart home integrator, no less an AR head set, would want the liability (i know they would want the projection and resolution) of a smart speaker with even a class two laser tipping over and the laser making him or her the next Ray Charles minus the musical ability. Seriously though what is your answer here in lay terms would be much appreciated.

    1. According to the spec sheets, the laser safety classification for these products is as follows:

      Interactive Display module = Class 3R

      Consumer LIDAR module = Class 1


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