MergerMarket Interview with Sumit Sharma

Updated Investor Deck

Here is the updated investor deck that was published today.

Some notable new bullet points:

* Now engaged with multiple North American Tier 1 AI platform owners
• Anticipate seeing products launched in volume in the 2nd half of this year

Interactive Display has strong interest from multiple Tier 1 OEMs.

We believe Display-Only product, through licensee, is very close to a significant design win with a Tier 1 OEM

• Working for 2019 orders
• Some OEMs may want to launch in 2020
• Some NRE in 2019 possible for customization

April 2017 Contract

Status of the Contract
• Expect to complete the development in Q2
• Expect to receive orders for components in March or April
• Expect shipments to begin in Q2


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