HoloLens 2 Update

Google Glass Returns

Google Glass gets a surprise upgrade and new frames

The latest Glass is compatible with new Smith safety glass frames, which can make it compatible in more workplaces (and look a little more normal), with other frames options coming later on, according to Google. The new hardware also charges faster, has better battery life, better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a better camera and it supports Android Enterprise Mobile Device Management for the first time. The voice-based and touch-enabled design still remain similar to previous versions.
The new hardware also comes with a new home: Glass is being moved back to Google proper with this newest update, after the team shifted to Alphabet's X divisionin 2017. Jay Kothari, Project Lead for Glass, said "to meet the demands of the growing market for wearables in the workplace, the Glass team has moved from X to Google in order to better scale our enterprise efforts moving forward."