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MVIS Awarded Patent for Fast Scan / Slow Scan MEMS-based LIDAR system

MVIS was awarded a patent today that describes a LIDAR system using a Fast Scan / Slow Scan set of paired MEMS mirrors. The systems can be stacked to create a 360 degree look-around capability, or a larger, encompassing point cloud of 3D data comprised of multiple point clouds of 3D data. 

MVIS previously described issuing customer samples of a two mirror MEMS scanning system back in April 2018, and included this commentary:

"The new scanner will be a core component of our future high-resolution engines, and continues MicroVision’s leadership in laser beam scanning technology,” Mulligan added.

MicroVision Ships Samples of Next Generation of High-Resolution MEMS Scanner


Multiplexed LIDAR Transceiver

A scanning light detection and ranging (LIDAR) system includes a scanning apparatus that scans laser light pulses sinusoidally in a vertical direction, and quasi-statically through angular extents in a horizontal direction. Multiple light sensors, each with a substantially nonoverlapping field of view, are multiplexed during the scan of the laser light pulses. Multiple scanning LIDAR systems may be combined to increase the effective horizontal angular extents.