US Army to Field 200,000 IVAS Soldier Goggles Based on HoloLens 2

Can the Army perfect an AI strategy for a fast and deadly future?

For AI to matter in combat, the Army will need to build a database of what sensor-readable events happen in battle, and then refine that data to ultimately provide useful information to soldiers. And to get there means turning every member of the infantry into a sensor.

“Soldier lethality is fielding the Integrated Visual Augmentation Systems, or our IVAS soldier goggles that each of our infantry soldiers will be wearing,” Easley said. “In the short term, we are looking at fielding nearly 200,000 of these systems.”

The IVAS is built on top of Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality tool. 
“AI should be introduced to soldiers as an augmentation system,” said Lt. Col. Chris Lowrance, a project manager in the Army’s AI Task Force. “The system needs to enhance capability and reduce cognitive load.”


[Editor's Note: The United States has approximately 1.3 million active-duty troops, with another 865,000 in reserve, one of the largest fighting forces of any country. The United States also has a global presence unlike any other nation, with about 200,000 active troops deployed in more than 170 countries. -- NY Times 2017]