HoloLens 2: 5G Support, 15 New Countries, Licensing Business Model

Microsoft HoloLens 2 adds 5G support and is getting easier to buy

Microsoft's director of mixed reality, Greg Sullivan, went over the changes that are coming, including availability for the expensive HoloLens 2. Microsoft hasn't provided specific sales numbers for the HoloLens 2 since its launch last November, but the hardware will be available in more countries this year: It's coming to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan by the fall. Microsoft will also sell the HoloLens 2 in its online Microsoft Store this summer. But note that the hardware is still intended for businesses, not the general public. 

"Can we continue to drive the leading edge, and then enable our partner ecosystem to build on our learnings and scale that out in a way that makes sense for various verticals?" Sullivan asks. "There's a spectrum between us making a device, the customization program, and then licensing the IP to third parties so that they can build their own hardware."


[Editor's Note: If Microsoft intends to license the IP in the HoloLens 2, it would seem they first need to have ownership of it. The MEMS Laser Scanning display inside HoloLens 2 is property of MicroVision, Inc., also from Redmond, WA.