MergerMarket Interview with Sumit Sharma

HoloLens 2 Update

Here are some of the news from Kipman's presentation yesterday:
  1. 7x more demand for H2 vs H1
  2. 4x usage observed for H2 vs H1
  3. Since November, more than doubled manufacturing capacity
  4. Now able to make H2 available in 15 new markets (11 in Europe, 4 in Asia).
  5. Expands from 10 countries to 25 countries by fall. 
  6. Working through the backlog. Expects everyone who expressed interest will be able to buy one over the next 2 months. In July, anyone anywhere can order one via
  7. Unreal Engine, Unity, Mixed Reality toolkit and Stereokit development platforms for HL2
  8. Firefox Reality and babylon.js support for HL2