HoloLens 2 Update

Microsoft AR Eyeglasses Using MVIS Tech 2017 Demo

Today, Microsoft was granted a patent Scanner-illuminated LCOS projector for head mounted display. This patent references multiple MVIS patents including:

The 2012 MVIS patent Substrate Guided Relay with Image Compensation by Dean DeJong and Mark Champion (both now at Microsoft).

Dean DeJong and Josh Hudman's 2013 MVIS patent Scanned Image Projection System Employing Intermediate Image Plane

and the 2009 MVIS classic "SUBSTRATE-GUIDED RELAYS FOR USE WITH SCANNED BEAM LIGHT SOURCES" credited to DeJong, Karlton Powell, Mark Freeman, and Josh Miller.

Microsoft's video below appears to illustrate the "Scanner Illuminated LCOS Projector for Head Mounted Display" patent in action to create a set of 80 degree field of view AR glasses. It demonstrates how MVIS dual-axis scanning mirror (take your pick of patents to evaluate) can be used to scan a beam of laser light to illuminate an image plane and reflect the image to the wearer, in an eyeglass form factor.

The video also demonstrates how images can be compensated to correct distortion from the optics using control over the MVIS scanning mirror, and image correction can correspond to a user's eye position.