STM's Bharath Rajagopalan Describes STM-MVIS Relationship

From yesterday's LaSAR presentation:

Bharath Rajagopalan
Director, Strategic Market Development at STMicroelectronics

Bharath Rajagopalan: Lots of questions about MicroVision. I didn't expect that but it's a good thing, by the way. I think you heard at the outset that the panel mentioned that I was at MicroVision as well in the past. It's a great company. They actually have great technology. And so, I can't answer every single question, there's too many to answer here, but the general theme is pretty clear, so what I will say is the following:

ST and MicroVision are very close partners. We have been for a long time and continue to be. They are very important to us, they're our customer and they're our partner and we really enjoy the collaboration and the partnership. 

Obviously, I can't disclose to you any more details about business arrangements, or technologies or product roadmaps or investments and those kinds of things, obviously as you can imagine, that's not the kind of thing that we can address, but suffice it to say, they continue to be a very strong, close partner of ours across the board.