Keep rollin' rollin' rollin'!

It's coming up on 3 years since Microvision first announced their projection display for automotive applications. Partners that have been mentioned publicly include Ford, BMW, Volkswagen.

During the same time frame the Nomad engine on which the automotive applications are based has shrunk in size dramatically, and the cost has shrunk too.

In an era where $2000 extra for an LCD based navigation system is a 'no-brainer', it seems plausible that a similar amount could be spent on a laser projection system developed by Microvision for your Ford, (Lincoln, Mercury, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Volvo, Mazda, Land Rover) or BMW (Mini) or Volkswagen (Porsche, Audi) vehicle, especially considering we've (I don't work for the company just to be clear) been developing these apps for the last 3 years.

I have no idea how many cars are sold annually but I think the answer is plenty. The 'wow' factor of the laser projection system is undeniable and there's no 'head mounted display' social weird factor to deal with. Everyone wants tech in their cars to be the most up to date and cutting edge. It's a status thing, like gold badges and spinner rims.

Prognosis: MVIS displays in multiple apps in most vehicles by 2007...

Seems like 2007 will be a good time to hold these shares...


The press releases below can all be found at: MVIS PR Archive

Jul.09.03 Microvision and Electronics Research Lab of Volkswagen of America to Develop Advanced Automotive Prototype Display

May.06.03 Microvision Receives $900K Order to Deliver Prototype Displays for Automotive Applications

Jan.22.03 Microvision Signs New Deals for Automotive Display Development; Two Projects Use Laser Projection Technology for in-Vehicle Applications

Oct.15.02 Microvision and BMW Showcase Revolutionary In-Vehicle Entertainment Display at Auto Shows

May.01.02 Microvision Continues Work on Next-Generation Automotive Displays with European Auto Maker

Oct.11.01 Microvision Ships Prototype of Next Generation Automotive Head-Up Display to Ford

Sep.25.01 Microvision Ships Prototype Laser-Scanning Display to European Automaker For Road Tests

Aug.13.01 Microvision and European Automaker to Develop Advanced Automotive Displays

May.24.01 Microvision and Ford to Collaborate on Novel 'Heads-Up' Display For Automobiles

May.21.01 Microvision Demonstrates Daylight Readable Mini-Projection Display For Potential Automotive Applications