Strong, silent type

3 1/2 months into the new year, and there have been 4 press releases, not counting the announcement of the 4Q2003 conference call:

4Q2003 results, Nomad in production

Lumera announces antenna products

Nomad launched at Auto Dealer Conference

MVIS gets $854k from the Navy

Contrast that with the projects that are in the works --

1. Lumera spinoff IPO

2. Honda will likely fulfill their purchase agreement for 3800 Nomads over the course of the year

3. Stryker orders up some more Nomads for Iraq

4. Progress on commercialization of electronic view finder in partnership with Canon

5. Consumer devices?

6. The automotive contracts are getting revved up...

It has been a sleepy 3 1/2 months for the MVIS PR department...yet, so much hinges on the ability to sell the Nomad II. They've got a great product and a decent price point. It will be a stunning confirmation of the power of augmented vision should the Nomad II be a sales success. The company will not need to tell investors to hang in there for future products if the present one is selling well.

In the face of the company's silence, we are left to speculate. We know that the company is working everyday to shrink the size and cost of the SBD engine. We know that cheap, high-brightness light sources are the final hurdle to overcome for the commercialization of full color augmented vision for the masses. What we don't know is, who needs to get involved for this to happen?

MVIS' engineers have held up their end of the bargain as the SBD engine is smaller, cheaper, lighter and thriftier with power by orders of magnitude over what they had just two years ago.

MVIS will need some deep pocketed partners ready to place truly massive orders for red, green and blue LEDs, Laser diodes and Lasers in order to meet our destiny.