Wearable Wireless Displays -- Forbes

Forbes magazine has this article up on their website.

Very interesting, and one of the first times I've seen 'augmented reality' mentioned in a major finance publication.

No mention of our heroes though. Seems like a big oversight to me! Just don't think LCD screens are going to cut it when there are laser retinal displays around.

Nasdaq in turmoil these days...Iraq war, high gas prices, higher interest rates on the horizon...there's a lot of fear and skittishness out there. We bounced hard off of 1880 on the Naz for the 2nd time in 2 days. It would be nice to see some follow through there.

I'm not always great at market timing but today's prices on MVIS are the same as they were six months ago before Nomad II was released and there were volume orders on the immediate horizon. But, it seems as though the folks with the purse strings want to see that revenue booked before getting on board.

There were some allusions to technical advances regarding the scanned beam display made at the recent conference call -- I wonder what they were getting at there. I also wonder if the company will do anything with their holographic data storage patents. I don't have a link right now but I can tell you that they are simply incredible, re-writable data storage using lasers and holograms. Spinning magnetic disks is sooo 20th century...

There's a lot to wonder about. When that first big order for Nomad hits I will be popping the champagne -- that I am sure of.

Take it easy out there!